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Could hot Alejandra Alonso be your Secret Santa?

As I drool endlessly at hot and sexy models Alejandra Alonso in that drop-dead, red-colored Victoria’s Secret lingerie outfits – yup, a mouthful, but my brain’s under extreme effort, so let this one slide – I can only hope she’s my Secret Santa this year! And if she is, I only wish to receive what’s underneath them red pieces of fabric. I’m merry today!

It’s Friiday, and Spanish sweet peach that is Alejandra Alonso has returned – as I’ve predicted and you people wished for. Oh, yes! I’m sick as a dog, but happy to be trapped in bed, as I fantasize about.. me, her, and some particularly erotic scenes I’d rather not share. She looks so freaking awesome that she’s going to turn you into her slave in just a matter of seconds. I’m volunteering!

So, if you had a tough week or a difficult day, just forget all about it.. and fresh hottie Alejandra Alonso will probably help you do so! There’s no need to ask twice for you to enjoy this uber cute babe’s perfect curves and her foxy little body, is there?! She’s has a particularly strange effect on me, but it’s good to have her here – so to speak. Enjoy and I hope you have a better weekend than me!

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